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Perspectives on family, disability, technology, and media.


Co-created in 2013 by Joshua Wentz and Nicholas Young, Dispatch touches almost every aspect of the modern artist’s career. Wentz, a label-owner and musician, brings a unique perspective from Chicago’s underground.

Exceeding Expectations

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Whether you’re hosting an event, releasing an album, or publishing content on your website, you are the host. And any time you welcome someone into your world, the guests’ experiences matter. Today on Dispatch, lessons learned from years of event planning expertise, and how you can be welcoming to everyone.

The inspiration for this show came, as it often does, from true life events. This week, Joshua attended The 2nd Annual 26th Annual comedy festival, presented by The Onion and The A.V. Club, and drew a wealth of event planning tips from his experience. Some of their practices were solid, and others left audience members disappointed.

As we also mentioned, Dispatch is nearing a milestone: Episode 100 is just around the corner, and we would love to hear your feedback, congratulations, and ideas on where the show should go next. Get in touch via email, or call 1 (844) 4-MACHINE.