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Nicholas Young

Perspectives on family, disability, technology, and media.


Co-created in 2013 by Joshua Wentz and Nicholas Young, Dispatch touches almost every aspect of the modern artist’s career. Wentz, a label-owner and musician, brings a unique perspective from Chicago’s underground.

Driven to Create

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Few artists that we know are prolific when compared to our friend Kriss Stress. They first came onto our radar as the instigator behind Notes and Bolts, but if we tell Kriss’ whole story, it’s much more than that.

Today, you’ll often find them drawing in the early morning hours for another installment of the Blank Expressions portrait series, or working on another of their myriad projects, including two comics series. The first is a daily journal in graphical form, and the second, Rotating Panels, presents a unique take on how music impacts our daily lives.

Today, Kriss joins us to discuss their creative regimen, what it feels like to run a successful crowdfunding campaign (for a Blank Expressions book), and everything in between.