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Nicholas Young

Perspectives on family, disability, technology, and media.


Co-created in 2013 by Joshua Wentz and Nicholas Young, Dispatch touches almost every aspect of the modern artist’s career. Wentz, a label-owner and musician, brings a unique perspective from Chicago’s underground.

Our Future Selves

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What resolutions have you adopted for 2014? Most creatives seek to streamline their workflow, build a more profitable business, or take a vacation. All of those examples are nice goals, but yours may be slightly different. Everyone yearns to be better in the days ahead, but why? What drives you to improve?

In this episode, Joshua and Nicholas look back at the year that was, 2013, and walk through some of their biggest mistakes. January 1st, and the mental game it plays with us, can be dangerous. We examine how seemingly-innocent resolutions can morph into consuming dogma, and how to craft meaningful goals for the year ahead.

This is our sign-off for 2013. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, or just discovered the show, thank you. You’re the reason Dispatch exists. You provide the fuel for our continued improvement and innovation. It’s been a great year, but we can make 2014 even better. Here’s to success, life, and happiness.