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Perspectives on family, disability, technology, and media.


Co-created in 2013 by Joshua Wentz and Nicholas Young, Dispatch touches almost every aspect of the modern artist’s career. Wentz, a label-owner and musician, brings a unique perspective from Chicago’s underground.

40 Years Strong

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Bobby Horton is the world’s authority on period music from the American Civil War. In 1970, he co-founded the musical comedy group, Three On a String, and to this day, their popularity remains. You’ll hear his work on film scores for The National Park Service, Ken Burns’ PBS documentaries, and countless independent productions.

His journey began over 40 years ago; dropping his day job as a computer programmer to pursue music full-time. Fast forward to today, where he travels, writes, records, and performs for 100% of his income.

As you might imagine, his life is brimming with important lessons for musicians young and old alike. This week, he joins Joshua and Nicholas to discuss pitfalls that frustrated his career, and how other musicians can avoid them. It’s an hour filled with honest wisdom, from a music industry professional. If you’ve ever considered making art for a living, listen to this.