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Co-created in 2013 by Joshua Wentz and Nicholas Young, Dispatch touches almost every aspect of the modern artist’s career. Wentz, a label-owner and musician, brings a unique perspective from Chicago’s underground.

City States

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It’s 2013, and musicians carry more weight today than ever before. Musicianship, production, and distribution are often the concern of an individual (or a small cadre of bandmates), rather than a corporation. For some, this represents power to choose, while others see it as unnecessary cruft that slows their creative process.

Our guest this week is Joel Ebner of the Chicago-based band, City States. He joins Joshua and Nicholas fresh from the band’s first mixing session for their first full-length project.

He discusses the band’s formation, how his digital workflow enhances creativity, and how to balance promotion with your other duties. If you’re a musician, or work in the media industry, this episode is not to be missed.