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Nicholas Young

Perspectives on family, disability, technology, and media.

Chick Habit

Created by Ashly Dalene in early 2015, Chick Habit explores the often significant (but overlooked) contribution women make to the Chicago music scene and around the world.

The Cell Phones

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Ah, the conveniences of modern technology. It’s all around us, and sometimes, even inspires a talented group of musicians to name themselves The Cell Phones. In this episode, Ashly is joined by Lindsey Charles, leader of the aforementioned innovative Chicago trio.

Also on this episode, Nicholas, who is normally trapped behind the board, occasionally pops in with a few lines of commentary. Together, Ashly and Nicholas walk through the history of The Cell Phones, Lindsey’s struggles (and triumphs!) in the Chicago music scene, the joys of being married to your musical partner-in-crime, and more.

Prepare to be rocked, because few bands do it like this. It’s a special, extra-loud (and explicit) episode of Chick Habit!