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Chick Habit

Created by Ashly Dalene in early 2015, Chick Habit explores the often significant (but overlooked) contribution women make to the Chicago music scene and around the world.

Get Loud

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It’s about to get loud. This week on Chick Habit, Ashly is joined by Donna (of Beat Drun Juel) and Megan (of Bow and Spear) to discuss their musical beginnings, and of course, the intricate balance of instruments known as rock. Like every week, we crank the volume to eleven and rock hard with some of the finest ladies in the scene.

In this show, you’ll hear how Beat Drun Juel was formed and expanded to it’s current size, what drew Megan to Bow and Spear, and the highlights of both guests’ lives as they’ve sought out creative fulfillment in the Chicago music arena.