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Nicholas Young

Perspectives on family, disability, technology, and media.

Chick Habit

Created by Ashly Dalene in early 2015, Chick Habit explores the often significant (but overlooked) contribution women make to the Chicago music scene and around the world.


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It’s time to explore the world of independent electronic music with three talented guests. Unlike other genres, where a musician’s toolbox is comprised of guitars, pedals, and amplifiers; here, synthesizers reign supreme.

While this replacement of traditional tools represents a massive shift in how artists create, it also can invite chaos. Any seasoned creative will understand: destroy the artistic boundaries during any engagement, and you risk losing the soul of your art. Limitless creativity, where anything goes, can prove to be counterproductive.

Unfortunately, with this influx of creative tools and technologies, something else was also lost. Most producers are male. Many gatherings of producers quickly become a “sausage fest.” With the prevailing “bro culture,” surrounding EDM (and other electronic genres, by relation), a genre of music — something that shouldn’t be linked to sexual identity or gender — can be unwelcoming.

We discuss how the talented women behind Volutes, Spaces of Disappearance, and Videobug take their studio creations on-stage, how young, female-identified artists can hone their craft in safe spaces, and much more.