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Nicholas Young

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Chick Habit

Created by Ashly Dalene in early 2015, Chick Habit explores the often significant (but overlooked) contribution women make to the Chicago music scene and around the world.

Be Who You Are

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This week on Chick Habit, I’m joined by two talented artists: Kriss Stress and Emily Rose, who sit down to chat about coming into your own as an artist, the Chicago DIY scene, and more.

Out of the gate, Emily recounts moments from her history: going from shyly singing in church, to her role in one of Chicago’s most fun and uplifting bands, Zigtebra! Kriss then talks about their experiences as a genderqueer person and how perception affects their experience in art, the world, and the music scene.

At the end, we dive into a deep discussion covering Chicago’s incredible DIY music scene, and how certain venues are working to create a safe space where everyone can experience music without fear of harassment.