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Nicholas Young

Perspectives on family, disability, technology, and media.


I have bolstered technical teams, mastered audio, photographed nationally recognized recording artists, convinced others to release work as Creative Commons, produced short films, and built products end-to-end.

I’m a generalist who thrives in multi-disciplinary environments, and my involvement in mass media, production, technology, and marketing all represent different lenses that I can use to refocus a given problem and suggest actionable solutions. For starters, I can help you:

Launch a meaningful product with a maintainable tech stack

Balancing between my experience with several languages, programming paradigms, and design systems, we will discuss your product with an eye on the technical requirements while playing to your team’s existing strengths. Both new products and existing ones are welcome to apply.

Successfully engage media outlets or create an in-house content team

If the goal is engaging relevant media outlets, I’ve seen both sides: as the pitcher, and media figure being pitched. This experience helps craft an empathetic, effective campaign. If you require an internal content team, media is what I do best: from studio design to production training, I can make the process painless.

If none of the above services are appealing, feel free to bring your own big questions. Let’s explore how I can help.