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Nicholas Young

Perspectives on family, disability, technology, and media.


Hi, I’m Nicholas, a media entreprenuer, teacher, and speaker. I currently reside in Denver, Colorado with my wife Susan and daughter, Sloan.

As a technologist, I’ve had the privilege of working with Javascript, Node.js, Go, Elixir, Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, and Riak. I’m especially grateful to have experienced JavaScript’s rebirth (thanks to Node.js), which allowed me to contribute fairly heavily to the open source ecosystem. (Even after 15 years as a professional engineer, JavaScript continues to fascinate.)

I have been active as a broadcaster since 2004, creating many podcasts, appearing on others, and occasionally guesting on the terrestrial radio dial. In 2013, I founded The Machine, an independent broadcast network based in Chicago. I built the studio, developed our live streaming architecture, and audio processing. I also produced most of the network’s programming. Even though the network ceased operation in December 2015, I learned valuable lessons concerning how to monitize a content business, where the most tangible product is given away.

After spending most of my life in pain, I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome in October, 2015. This moment, becoming a rare disease patient, rattled my world (as I suspect it would for anyone). In response, technical content for the blog took a backseat. Instead, I wanted to chronicle this experience, addressing both the private and professional concerns surrounding my diagnosis. I expect that EDS will remain a significant topic on this blog, because it’s a major challenge in my daily life.

Now, in 2016, it’s time for a new challenge. I have shed the pure technologist role that I’ve occupied for so long. Going forward, I’ll be tackling projects that highlight my cross-disciplinary work, specifically at the intersection of media and technology. Digital platforms, especially those who give the artists a fair shake, are very intriguing.

If you have an difficult problem or unique challenge that could use my attention, I’m available for consulting.